[Malaysian sourvenior] APOM, where you can find funny T shirt 

The Malaysia brand which I, Japanese student writer living in Malaysia, highly recommend.

APOM has just opened its branch in KLCC. In this artcle, I am going to introduce an APOM shop in KLCC.

What kind of brand is APOM?

APOM means “a pieace of Malaysia ‘.

APOM sells the pruducts which shows the unique part of Malaysian culture. 

APOM aims to show the lighter side of Malaysian culture and bring the real side of Malaysia to the world.

APOM hopes Malaysian to wear a brand regarding our country proudly and tourists to bring a piece of Malaysia which can be talked to friends back. 

APOM KLCC is open in 2020!

While APOM was selling the produts at wagong area in LG floor at Suria KLCC, the shop was moved to level 2 at Suria KLCC and newly opend its store on 31st January 2020. 

Because the size of the store is larger than the previous shop, you can get most of APOM products in this store. 

In this article, I will introduce my favourite products from APOM.

YOU can find your favourite one! Plenty types of  Malaysian T shirts!

The unique T shirts which APOM sells is highly recommended. 

The price range is from RM45 to RM85. You can buy the unique T shirt at a reasonable price. 

These T-shirts are from the Pop culture series. The Pop culture series is the T shirts with Mlaysian related drawing. 

This drawing is Teh Tarik which Malaysian people love . Teh Tarik is Malaysian milk tea. 

These T shirts is from Slang Series. Malaysian Slang is printed on T shirts. 

Lah is the words which Malaysian put at the end of sentences in order to emphasize the sentence and make the sentence casual. 

Below Lah, the meanig of Lah is written. Moreover, the example sentence using Lah is written as well. 

Buy Tote bag when you find difficulties for the size for sourvenir

AZMA from APOM talked

“If you don’t know the size of a T-shirt even if you want to give it as a gift for a friend, I recommend a tote bag. The design is the same as the T-shirt, so I think that a tote bag with your favorite design is also nice.”

(Tote bags: RM35)

Mug that pleases regardless of age and gender

AZMA talked to me

Tote bags, T-shirts and mugs all have the same design. Some people buy all T-shirts, tote bags and mugs with one design.

In addition, about the design that combines various languages ​​written in the mug into one sentence

Malaysia has different races, but we lived in diversity and wanted to express it in design. We express one Malaysia by creating one sentence in various languages.

Also as an example of that sentenceShe explained “The Coolest Tauke Ever”.

Tauke means boss. The sentence means the coolest boss I’ve ever had. It’s pretty cute to give it as a gift to the boss to use in the office.

A heart that does not forget humor while leaving a meaningful concept.

I feel that APOM’s products are full of Malaysianness.

There are also “The Most Series”, “Slang”, “Pop Culture” and “Geng Malaysia” mugs.


Many other collaboration products with Malaysian artists!

APOM is also actively collaborating with local artists in Malaysia.

It is this collaboration product that I paid attention to this time.

“Visited Malaysia 2020”

This year, Malaysia has recommended a tourism campaign by the Malaysian government called visit malaysia 2020.

This T-shirt will be a souvenir to prove that you visited Malaysia in 2020.

Many products that can bring the better understanding of  Malaysia

In addition to APOM’s products, APM also has a lot of products that can bring a better understanding of Malaysian culture. 

(A bow tie:RM139)

“The Gentlemen’s bar”, which created this batik bow tie, is a professional brand of men’s accessories launched in 2016.

All products are handmade by artists at The Gentlemen’s bar, using traditional batik techniques.

The technique of decorating fabrics using wax and dyeing techniques has been inherited for centuries.

Contemporary batik is now an art and a craft.

In addition to the bow tie, a tie (RM169-189) and a handkerchief (RM69) also sells.


APOM is a Malaysian brand that conveys the “Malaysianness” through apparel.

Reasonable price and its unique and laughable design attracts not only Malaysians but also foreign tourists.I am one of the people who was captivated by that charm.

In addition to the T-shirts, tote bags, coasters and other products featured in the Malaysian pocket this time, the other products are also very unique and have a good humor.

My comments

APOM products are unique Malaysian sourvenor. 

This is a store you should definitely stop by if you visit KLCC.




Lot 257, Level 2 (Food Court Level), Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Open hours:from monday to sunday、10AM-10PM

The Apom Store @ Bangsar Village

F3C, Level 1 Bangsar Village 1, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Open hours:from monday to sunday、10AM-10PM

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